Have you considered a self managed superannuation fund ‘(SMSF)’?

A superannuation solution that may be suitable for you is a self managed superannuation fund. These superannuation funds suit individuals, families and small businesses and must have less than 5 members. They are called ‘SMSF superfunds’. Members of SMSF’s have more control over their superfund’s investments compared to other superannuation funds.

What are the advantages of self managed superannuation funds?

  • Lower administration costs – SMSF’s can be less costly when compared to many retail funds which may charge high fees to administer superannuation particularly for individuals with balances above AUD $500,000.
  • Expert advice – a SMSF established/managed with the assistance of Hunt Strategic Advisors allows the members to obtain expert taxation and super advice to meet their personal needs and investment strategy. We can also complete your SMSF annual income tax return and financial statements and arrange for the annual audit.
  • Controlling investments – the members are not distanced from the decision-makers regarding which investments to choose, they ARE the decision-makers.
  • Variety – there are a wide range of investment options available to the members.
  • Tax concessions – we can advise fund members regarding the various taxation concessions that may be available in respect of the income of the superfund.
  • Tax effective for beneficiaries – if your SMSF is established correctly, it can be passed on to your beneficiaries after death in a tax effective manner.
  • Portability – SMSFs are portable and therefore if your situation changes, so can your superfund.
  • Retirement planning – SMSFs can be used in retirement to pay a variety of income streams to suit your retirement needs in the most tax effective manner. This may not be possible with a retail superfund.

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